Site hosting wizard solidifying

I still need to add the node – alike bits, and finish some of the configuration screens.. but we are definately getting there. I am also busy ironing out some wizard api problems regardining branching paths, where users would need to do one of a set of options, but not all of them. for instance the domain configuration.

Also, the error messages generated by the wizard are still wacked, in a bad way. but you can get some code to play around with on the site. The .inc goes in includes, and the .module in modules. imagine that.

I am going to try to make the taxonomy wizard part of it as automatic as possible, but we are really going to need to start adding meat to our proposed taxonomy.

I hope to get this finalized by next week sometime, when the back end integration is the next target.

Mid next week i will likely be able to do subdomain installs on .. .so we are getting there *g