My long term Theme system plans

I have written down an extensive post regarding Drupal theme system, and some of the goals I hope to accomplish in the long run.

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I would like everyone’s opinion on the matter (although I know I will likely be flamed for having an opinion, such is the nature of the internet). I should note that most of what is in this post is specifically regarding some rather severe changes to core I am suggesting, but these plans do not feature in my deanspace plans in the slightest. 

I have developed the phptemplate theme almost to the point where it is capable of handling the requirements of syndicated themes/templates allowing incredible amounts of customizability without needing to modify the templates or css. It already is the focus of the theme customization required for the site hosting wizard. 

The post above is aimed at trying to reach a constructive solution to the ‘themeing problem’, and allow us to focus our energies on a robust , complete and hopefully accessible system. I specifically didn’t mention the possibility of template syndication or the more extensive css zen garden like capabilities, as it very likely is far too early .. and is biting off too much at once (i need to get install 100% finished first *g*)