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Version 0.7.1 (October 2, 2004)
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This software package is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Zip codes database

This database of US zip codes was compiled by Schuyler Erle of using freely available sources. More information

August 10, 2004
MySQL table dump (included in CivicSpace, instructions)
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Comma Separated Values file
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Creative Commons License

This database and included files are licensed under a Creative Commmons Attribution, Share Alike license.

Old releases

Outdated software which has been previously released by CivicSpace Labs.

Version 0.7 (August 27, 2004) tgz (2.2M, md5) or zip (2.3M, md5)
Version 0.6 (August 22, 2004) tgz (2.2M, md5) or zip (2.4M, md5)
Version 0.5 (August 18, 2002) tgz (2.8M, md5) or zip (3.0M, md5)
Version 0.4 tgz (2.1M, md5)
Version 0.3 tgz (2.1M, md5)
Version 0.2 tgz (2.1M, md5)
Version 0.1 tgz (2.5M, md5)