My long term Theme system plans

I have written down an extensive post regarding Drupal theme system, and some of the goals I hope to accomplish in the long run.

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I would like everyone’s opinion on the matter (although I know I will likely be flamed for having an opinion, such is the nature of the internet). I should note that most of what is in this post is specifically regarding some rather severe changes to core I am suggesting, but these plans do not feature in my deanspace plans in the slightest. 

I have developed the phptemplate theme almost to the point where it is capable of handling the requirements of syndicated themes/templates allowing incredible amounts of customizability without needing to modify the templates or css. It already is the focus of the theme customization required for the site hosting wizard. 

The post above is aimed at trying to reach a constructive solution to the ‘themeing problem’, and allow us to focus our energies on a robust , complete and hopefully accessible system. I specifically didn’t mention the possibility of template syndication or the more extensive css zen garden like capabilities, as it very likely is far too early .. and is biting off too much at once (i need to get install 100% finished first *g*)

Site hosting wizard solidifying

I still need to add the node – alike bits, and finish some of the configuration screens.. but we are definately getting there. I am also busy ironing out some wizard api problems regardining branching paths, where users would need to do one of a set of options, but not all of them. for instance the domain configuration.

Also, the error messages generated by the wizard are still wacked, in a bad way. but you can get some code to play around with on the site. The .inc goes in includes, and the .module in modules. imagine that.

I am going to try to make the taxonomy wizard part of it as automatic as possible, but we are really going to need to start adding meat to our proposed taxonomy.

I hope to get this finalized by next week sometime, when the back end integration is the next target.

Mid next week i will likely be able to do subdomain installs on .. .so we are getting there *g

civicspace 0.7

Get it:

Lots of good stuff made it into this release for a 5 day cycle. Here is
the changelog:

  • fixed problems with viewing many node types
  • fixed a check_query in event
  • added drupal module configuration
  • fixed javascripts including fontsize and htmlarea
  • refactored contact data storage
  • fixed a event time validation bug
  • added nice importing of event nodes
  • updated democratia theme
  • fixed wizard resetting settings bug

So the biggest potential for breaking is in the contact module because I

9.1.2004 IRC meeting

We are going to have an IRC meeting tomorrow at 4PM PDT / 7PM EDT on #civicspace.

Here is the itinerary. Please feel free to add to this.

  • CivicSpace foundation update
  • When is 1.0 coming?
  • Unresolved bugs / issues before launch
  • Bryght CivicSpace hosting service
    • How to sign up / get started
    • CivicSpace / Bryghts relationship
  • CivicSpace documentation project
  • Post 1.0 plans


—- Log opened Wed Sep 01 16:05:56 2004
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16:06 < Zacker> finally ;p
16:06 < borismann> good stuff
16:06 < Zacker> more tones
16:06 < Zacker> 🙂

Hosted CivicSpace beta test at Bryght

Are you ready to start your CivicSpace site? Our hosting partners Bryght are beginning a beta test program of CivicSpace in a hosted environment. This means that for a monthly fee of $30 you can have the software to run your CivicSpace site installed, pre-configured, and maintained on a server for you with CBD oil for pain as our gift to you for trying our beta software. The software and your site will be completely configurable via web-forms. And as we add features and improvements to the software your site will be ugpraded automatically.

If you want to take part in this program please fill out this survey:

IRC meeting tomorrow night again

It will be held Wednesday night at 5:30 PM PDT / 8:30 PM EDT on #civicspace on

The agenda is posted here

Please go there to edit it… but here is what it says:


  • Introductions / salutations
  • CivicSpace sites / stats
  • Module development update
  • The great portation
    • Time line / roadmap
    • How to help
  • CivicSpace user / developer summit
  • Plan event conf call



We figured it was long past time to gather as many CivicSpace users and developers as we could in one place. The chief objective of this get-together is to find and prioritize the biggest problems with CivicSpace and figure out a development roadmap for how to address them. We also think a lot of good will come of CivicSpace community meeting face-to-face. If you are able to come and are not marked on the list below please send an email to zack to RSVP.


The user summit is on Saturday 18th of September. The developers summit is on Sunday.

Civicspace user survey

Hey folks. If you are using / administrating a CivicSpace site please help us help you out by filling out this survey.

“We want to refine and re-factor CivicSpace to address the most crucial issues affecting our user base. We have created this survey to begin the process of identifying and prioritizing our users’ most critical problems. Please take the time to fill out this survey to help us find out where and how we can begin an ongoing and iterativ

IRC meeting tomorrow night

It will be held at same place / time as always – 5:30PM PDT / 8:30PM EDT on #civicspace.

It will be a brief meeting this week mostly focused around planning for the user / developer summit. 

Itinerary is here