About CivicSpace Labs

Where We Came From

CivicSpace Labs is a continuation of the DeanSpace open source development project. Last May a group of Dean campaign grassroots volunteers came together to assemble web application toolkits to organize ourselves and our campaign. It was a succsessful but harried all volunteer endevour. Before the campaign ended our software was powering all of the campaigns official state sites, many of consituency group sites, and over a hundred grassroots sites.

Since then, we have recieved funding to create CivicSpace Labs and continue work on the project. We are hard at work on our next release of our software now called CivicSpace. Testing for CivicSpace 1.0 is already under way and we will be rolling out the software avaliable as a service by mid June.

Who we Are

Zack Rosen Founder and Director
Zack kicked off the “DeanSpace” project last year during his summer break from the University of Illinois. He then took a job at the Dean campaign head-quarters to work as a web-developer, technical volunteer coordinator, and web-radio producer. He was responsible for servicing the web-technology needs of the state campaign offices, constituency groups, and grassroots web developers. He gets his kicks from figuring out how to marshall together empowering, extremely low cost / free, and innovative tech solutions for the public sector. He also likes to fence, throw pottery, read, think, and travel.

Neil Drumm Founder and Lead Engineer
Neil heard about Hack4Dean from his college friend, Zack. He didn’t have a job at that time and decided to make the most of his spare time. As an Iowa native, he volunteered for Iowans for Dean during breaks from college at the University of Illinois, including the month leading up to the caucus. He studied Computer Science while working on DeanSpace from his dorm room. When CivicSpace started going he dropped out to make it happen. In his spare time he: builds a computer into a briefcase and other things involving a Dremel – epoxy – and electricity, keeps track of the open source and political spaces, and thinks nonlinearly.